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Disc Golf Monthly Subscription

Disc Golf Monthly Subscription

Disc Golf Monthly Subscription




DiscMember is the essential subscription package for every Disc Golfer.

Get a new disc and other awesome merchandise with a value of $40 or more delivered to your door every month for only $29.99 per month + a FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider! ($99.99 Yearly Value).

Our Next Shipment (Early October Delivery):

October 2022 - (October subscribers will get this package!)
Prodigy 500 Spectrum A5 with exclusive DiscMember stamp, Rechargeable Hand Warmer & Power Bank, and 'Parked Window Decal, plus a  FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

Learn more about our Disc Store Insider Subscription here!


When available from manufacturers the monthly package will include new releases so you can stay up to date on all the fresh discs. 


  • FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider! ($99.99 Yearly Value).
  • Access to some products before release to the public.
  • Unheard of value - $40 or more of monthly merchandise.
  • Free shipping to your door for domestic subscription shipments.

    More Details on Monthly Items:

    We work with Disc Golf manufacturers to provide new release, one of a kind, or other disc golf discs that we think you'll love. We aim to mostly include high end plastics whenever possible, and we'll publish what the disc will be on this page as soon as we find out. We will also include other Disc Golf products each month relative to the season and what is currently trending. Below is our current tentative plan for monthly items.

    Projected items will change as we get access to new products that we think you'll love. Check back often to see updated item lists. Packages will ship on or close to the 1st of the month. When you sign up from the 2nd to the end of the month, you'll be receiving the next month's package, and then you will not be charged again until the following month.

    Preferred disc weight is not guaranteed due to disc availability, but we will do our best. Item colors including stamp colors and designs may vary due to limited supplies from manufacturers and uniqueness within each month's package.

    July 2017 (Members who were subscribed by July 1 got this package) - Prodigy X5 New Release, Disc Golf Dry Fit, T-Rex Mini Disc, $25 Gift Card to

    Past Shipment

    August 2017 (Members who were subscribed by August 1 got this package) - Innova Champion XXL Shryke w/ Custom Griffin Stamp, Innova Disc Golf Dry Fit Polo, Innova Swirly Mini, Disc Store Disc Golf Sticker

    Past DG Bundle

    September 2017 (Members who were subscribed by September 1 got this package) - Discraft D Challenger SS (Early Release), Disc Golf Friction Gloves, Handwarmer

    Past Shipment

    October 2017 (Members who were subscribed by October 1 got this package) Dynamic Discs Burst Deputy, Dynamic Discs Shirt, Dynamic Discs Patch, Dynamic Discs Sticker 

    November 2017 (Members who were subscribed by November 1 got this package) -Full Turn Discs Priority Voyage (New Disc Release), "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Stocking Cap, Mini Disc Holiday Ornament

    November 2017 Shipment

    December 2017 (Members who were subscribed by December 1 got this package) - Prodigy M4 in Limited Release 400 Glimmer Plastic (w/ Exclusive Hipster Santa Stamp), Disc Golf Neck Gaiter, Christmas Gift from the DiscStore Team, Disc Store Sticker

    December Shipment

    January 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by January 1 got this package) - DGA Tremor (Special Blend Flex Plastic) LE Stamp Midrange, Short Sleeve DGA Dry Fit, 2 DGA Stickers

    February 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by February 1 got this package)

    Gateway Diamond Prophecy Midrange w/ Exclusive Stamp (NEW Disc!) , UDisc Dry Fit, Gateway Mini, Gateway Sticker, UDisc Pro Subscription.

    March 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by March 1 got this package) Streamline Plasma Trace NEW Release Disc, Streamline Dry Fit Shirt, MVP Sticker, MVP Wristband

    April 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by April 1 got this package) Prodigy H1 V2 Disc Golf Instruction Stamp,  NEW Release Prodigy Beanie, FREE Access to DGI Premium Beginner Video Content ($8.99 Value) + 50% OFF Advanced Content, Disc Golf Instruction Sticker

    May 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by May 1 got this package) Limited Special Run Discmania Disc C-Line Glow DDx w/ Alien Stamp, Discmania Towel, Discmania Pin, Discmania Wristband.

    June 2018 -  (Members who were subscribed by June 1 got this package) Dynamic Discs Lucid Getaway (New Release!) w/ Custom Stamp, Disc Store Silicone Pint Glass, Dynamic Discs Sticker, Disc Store Disc Golf Mini (NEW Item!)

    June DG Shipment

    July 2018 -  (Members who were subscribed by July 1 got this package)  Innova Discs "Uncle Sam" Star Dart (Artwork by Benjamin Hopwood), Mystery Innova Discs Mold w/ DiscMember Stamp, Innova Discs Mini Marker w/ Dryve Kneepad (NEW Item!)

    August 2018 -  (Members who were subscribed by August 1 got this package) Millennium M-Quasar (New Disc! Artwork by Benjamin Hopwood) , Disc Store Microfiber Towel, Disc Store Basket Bottle Opener, Millennium Sunglasses, Millennium 8" x 2" Bumper Sticker

    September 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by September 1 got this package!) Discraft Z Glo Vulture (New Disc! Artwork by Benjamin Hopwood), Discraft CryZtal Zone Mini, Discraft Snap Cap Mini, Discraft Towel, Discraft Eraseable Scorecard, Discraft Sticker

    October 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by October 1 got this package!) We teamed up with Skulboy this month to bring you a one-of-a-kind Latitude 64 Recycled Ballista Pro, Skulboy Super Soft-T, and a Skulboy Sticker.

    November 2018 - (Members who were subscribed by November 1 got this package!) Westside Discs Origio Moonshine (Glow) Burst Harp, Disc Store Wall Bottle Opener, #GrowtheSport Pin and Patch, Disc Golf Pop Up Phone Socket w/ Matching Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    December 2018 - (Members who subscribed by December 1 got this package) DiscMania Metal Flake MD4, Disc Golf Beanie, $10 Gift Card, Disc Golf Ornament, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    January 2019 - (Members who subscribed by February 1 got this package!) DGA Limited Edition Ice Blend Tempest w/ Exclusive Benjamin Hopwood design, DGA Tempest Soft T-Shirt, DGA Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    February 2019 - (Members who subscribed by February 1 got this package!) Innova Champion Mako w/ Exclusive Benjamin Hopwood design, Inner Circle Membership to Disc Golf Strong via Web and App ($10/month value), Disc Golf Strong Dry Fit, Disc Golf Strong Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    March 2019 - (Members who subscribed by March 1 got this package!) Dynamic Discs Color Moonshine Maverick w/ Exclusive Benjamin Hopwood design, Disc Golf Vintage Socks, Mail-in Offer for FREE Silicone Ring, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    April 2019 - (Members who subscribed by April 1 got this package!) Prodigy Discs 300 Glow PA3 w/ exclusive Absorb 81 design, Disc Golf Instruction Trucker Hat, FREE Beginner Access to Disc Golf Instruction Content and 50% OFF Advanced Content w/ Promo Code, DGI Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    May 2019 - (Members who subscribed by May 1 got this package!) Discmania Swirly CD3 w/ exclusive Benjamin Hopwood design, NEW Discmania Tech Towel, Discmania Carabiner Keychain, Discmania Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

     June 2019 - (Members who subscribed by June 1 got this package!) Westside Discs BT Hard Burst Gatekeeper w/ exclusive Absorb 81 design, Custom Designed Dirtbag dry grip bag, Disc Store Disc Golf Patch, Disc Golf License Plate Cover, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    July 2019 - (Members who subscribed by July 1 got this package!) Legacy Discs Metallic Recluse w/ design by Absorb81 ($19.99 Retail Value), Short Sleeve USA DG Dry Fit ($29.89 Retail Value), $10 Gift Card ($10 Retail Value), USA Flag Neck Gaiter ($19.89 Retail Value), Throw More Sticker ($2.89 Retail Value), and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    Total month's retail value of $82.66

    August 2019 - (Subscribe by August 1 to get this package!)  Stardust Metal Flake Millennium Disc (Announcing Soon) w/ design by Ryan Koster ($19.99 Retail Value), Millennium Sunglasses ($9.99 Retail Value), Millennium Sticker ($2.89 Retail Value), 10% OFF Millennium Discs purchases on during August, More Items TBD, and a UDisc Pro Subscription. Go follow Ryan on Facebook @ripprstudios and Instagram @ripper_studio

    September 2019 - $57.77 Retail Value (Members who subscribed by September 1 got this package!) Latitude 64 Opto Sparkle Explorer w/ design by Jef Wind ($19.99 Retail Value), Dynamic Discs Dry Fit ($29.89 Retail Value), Disc Golf is Life 80's Sticker ($2.89), and a UDisc Pro Subscription. Go follow Jef on Instagram @part_fish_part_crayon

    October 2019 - $43.92 Retail Value (Members who subscribed by October 1 got this package!) Discraft Crystal Sparkle Raptor w/ design by Absorb 81 ($19.99 Retail Value), Discraft Buzzz Mini ($7.99 Retail Value), Discraft Towel ($9.99 Retail), Discraft Hat Pin ($5.99 Retail), and a UDisc Pro Subscription. Go follow Absorb 81 on Instagram

    November 2019 - $40.36 Retail Value (Subscribe by November 1 to get this package!) Discmania Evolution Lux Link w/ design by Disc Store ($24.99 Retail Value), 3oz Custom Label Member's Only Birdie Fuel Coffee ($6.99 Retail Value), Birdie Fuel Coffee-Infused Zing Mini Marker ($5.49 Retail), Birdie Fuel Decal ($2.89 Retail), and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    December 2019 - $54.98 Retail Value (Members who subscribed by December 1 got this package!) Prodigy 500 H4V2 ($19.99 Retail Value), Prodigy 300 Soft PA4 ($19.99 Retail Value), $10 Disc Store Gift Card ($10 Retail Value), Leather DiscMember Coaster ($4.99 Retail Value), and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    January 2020 - $52.77 Retail Value (Members who subscribed by January 1 got this package!) Innova Discs Shimmer Shryke w/ an XXL Stamp ($19.99 Retail Value), Innova Discs Dry Fit ($29.89 Retail Value), Other Items TBD, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    February 2020 - $53 Retail Value (Members who subscribed by February 1 got this package!) DD Classic Soft Burst Slammers with custom bottom stamp ($14.99 Retail Value), DUDE Mundaring Hat ($24.99 Retail Value), a DUDE sticker and $10 online store voucher, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.


    March 2020 - $52.67 Retail Value(Members who subscribed by March 1 got this package!) DGA LE Flex ProLine Rift with custom stamp ($19.99 Retail Value), DGA Dry-Fit & DGA Sticker ($29.99 Retail Value), a Disc Wall Hanger ($3 Retail Value), and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    April 2020 - $45.86 Retail Value (Members who subscribed by April 1 got this package!) Prodigy 500 Spectrum FX-2 with custom stamp ($24.99 Retail Value), Metal Mini Disc & Knee Pad ($12.99 Retail Value), a Mini Clipboard & Scorecards ($7.88 Retail Value), and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    May 2020 (Members who subscribed by May 1 got this package!) Legacy Legend Vengeance w/ custom design by Absorb81 ($24.99 Retail Value), Vengeance Dry-Fit Tee, Custom NeckGaiter, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    June 2020 - (Members who subscribed by June 1 got this package!) AGL Alpine Locust ($20 Retail Value), AGL Ivy Kneepad ($13 Retail Value), Throw More Bag Pin ($10 Retail Value), AGL Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    July 2020 - (Members who subscribed by July 1 to got this package!)

    Dynamic Discs Lucid Glitter EMAC Truth ($25 Retail Value), Disc Golf Flask ($10 Retail Value), USA Patch ($5 Retail Value), Basket Wall Hanger ($3.50 Retail Value), plus a $5 Gift Card and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    August 2020 - (Members who subscribed by August 1 to got this package!)

    Innova Star Archon with custom XXL stamp by DiscStore ($25 Retail Value), Matching Dry-Fit Tee ($30 Retail Value), plus a Disc Golf sticker and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    September 2020 - (Members who subscribed by September 1 got this package!)

    Black Zombie Hemp Sure Grip War Hammer, Black Zombie Sure Grip Shotgun, a Hemp Stash Mini set, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    October 2020 - (Members who subscribed by October 1 got this package!)
    Prodigy DuraFlex Glow M Model US w/ custom art by @Absorb81, Prodigy DuraFlex Glow P Model US w/ custom art by @AdamDeidel, a Mini Cardstock Scorecard designed by AWard Creations (, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    November 2020 - (Members who subscribed by Nov 1 got this package!)
    Dark Ace Full-Zip Hoodie with custom front and back prints, DiscMember Sublimated Towel, a 15% discount coupon code to, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    December 2020 - (Members who subscribed by December 1 got this package!)

    Streamline Cosmic Electron Pilot with custom art by Jef Wind (IG: @part_fish_part_crayon), Disc Store Snapback Hat, Disc Store Pin & Sticker, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    January 2021 - (Members who subscribed by January 1 got this package!)
    Innova Discs Shimmer Star XXL Stamped Mystery Discs, Matching Cotton Tee, a mini can topper, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    February 2021 - (Members who subscribed by February 1 got this package!)
    Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Sergeant w/ custom art by Brian Allen (, Birdie Fuel Dry-Fit & Coffee Voucher, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    March 2021 - (Members who subscribed by March 1 got this package!)
    Legacy Legend Rival w/ custom art by Benjamin Hopwood, Play Disc Golf Beanie, Disc Store Patch & Pin, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    April 2021 - (Members who subscribed by April 1 got this package!)
    Will Schusterick Prodigy 500 Spectrum D3 Max, Disc Golf Network Dry-Fit Tee, plus one month FREE subscription to Disc Golf Network, and a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    May 2021 - (Members who subscribed by May 1 got this package!)

    EV-7 Penrose overstable putt and approach disc, with the first custom stamp on any EV-7 disc by Cade Nelson! (@paleinred on IG)  Also an EV-7 towel, koozie, and sticker. Plus a $5 Coupon Code to use at a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    June 2021 - (Members who subscribed by June 1 got this package!)
    Gateway Diamond Hemp Element, Gateway Nylon Warlock, as well as automatic entry into our Discstore Mega Shopping Spree Sweepstakes, Plus a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    July 2021 - (Members who subscribed by July 1 got this package!)
    EV-7 Phi Putter and a matching Dry-Fit Tee, Plus a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    August 2021 - (Members who subscribed by Aug 1 got this package!)
    MVP Cosmic Neutron Photon, featuring a Disc Store original 2-color Samurai stamp, matching sublimated towel, and new sticker!. Plus a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    September 2021 - (Members who subscribed by Sep 1 got this package!)
    NEW Legacy Legend Badger featuring a custom stamp by Ben Hopwood (@BHDiscGolfDesigns on IG), Retractable Disc Retriever, and New Sticker! Plus a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    October 2021 - (October subscribers got this package!)

    Axiom Proton Insanity with Disc Store original Mummy Stamp, Double G Craft Jerky Pack including a 1oz bag of DoubleG Jerky, Bag Pin, and coupon to! Plus a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    November 2021 - (November subscribers got this package!)
    Gateway Unstamped Diamond Shaman with a Disc Golf Dye Kit to dye your own disc! Disc Store Performance Socks, Basket Wall Hanger, & Pop Art Sticker. Plus a UDisc Pro Subscription.

    December 2021 - (December subscribers got this package!)
    Prodigy 350g M3 featuring Disc Store Original Arctic Fox Stamp, Disc Golf Long Sleeve Dri-Fit & Sticker, plus a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    January 2022 - (January subscribers will get this package!)
    Launch Alpha Cipher with Discmember Special Edition Bottom Stamp & Launch Recycled Code! 

    February 2022 - (February subscribers got this package!)
    Innova Star Destroyer with custom XXL stamp, Disc Golf Therapy Metal Wall Art Sign, Grow the Sport Sticker, plus a UDisc Pro Subscription!


    March 2022 - (March subscribers got this package!)
    Gateway Diamond Illusion with custom stamp, Disc Store Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Disc Golf Dice Game, plus a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    April 2022 - (April subscribers will get this package!)
    RPM Cosmic PekaPeka, Dri Flight premium handmade chalk bag, and Disc Store Mystery Sunglasses, plus FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    May 2022 - (May subscribers got this package!)
    Discmania D-Line Flex 2 P2 Putter with DiscMember original mini stamp, Sasquatch Tri-Blend Tee, Tasty Disc Golf Sticker, plus FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    June 2022 - (June subscribers got this package!)
    First access to the NEW Prodiscus Ultrium JokeriX, one pair of mystery socks, and two mystery disc golf accessories, plus FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    July 2022 - (July subscribers got this package!)
    Wild Discs Ozone Angler with a matching heather grey soft tee, and Wild Discs Sticker, plus FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    August 2022 - (August subscribers got this package!)
    Discstroyer Stork featuring custom art by Ben Hopwood (@bhdiscgolfdesigns on IG), SewFly Kneepad and coupon code for $20 off a pair of Disc Golf Performance Shorts at, plus FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    September 2022 - (September subscribers got this package!)
    Streamline Neutron Jet, Resistance Training Band Set, and eight Zipper Pulls, plus a  FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    Our Next Shipment (Early October Delivery):

    October 2022 - (October subscribers will get this package!)
    Prodigy 500 Spectrum A5 with exclusive DiscMember stamp, Rechargeable Hand Warmer & Power Bank, and 'Parked Window Decal, plus a  FREE Subscription to Disc Store Insider and a UDisc Pro Subscription!

    Learn more about our Disc Store Insider Subscription here!

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